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Protection Unlimited, Robert Friedman, William Heaton, Ben Sissman, William Dunlap, Patrick Arnoult, James McMahon, and James Bland

Protection Unlimited, Inc. has been sued for 25 Million dollars. This case has been in Chancery court for over 9 years with no discovery of the evidence or depostions by the defendants. The Attorneys ( Robert Friedman, William Heaton, Ben Sissman, William Dunlap, Patrick Arnoult, James Bland, and James McMahon) whom represent the defendants have kept the Stock Certificate of the Plaintiff in a vault in Chancery Court for the last nine years and this stock certificate belong to the estate of Mississippi. These h Attorneysave allegedlly tried legeally blackmail the Plaintiff for settelment of the Plaintiff's lawsuit. These Attorneys have allegedly used the Tennesse court system to perpetuate this lawsuit, so they could draw their hourly billing and possibly double billing.

Update: Chancellor Walter Evans, recently ruled that Rita Werne the Plaintiff did own the stock along with her husband and he did not recognize that William P Baker owned the stock. His decision his being appealed as well because Mr. Evans decided to have a 55 year old woman try the case instead of letting her find proper representation. He let 3 of the defedants (Anna Sanderson, Blan Nicholson and The Anna Sanderson Turst) out as well as he over ruled the appellate court previous ruling for discovery and depositions and decided to have a trial with out either.

Update: Hon. William H. Brown of U.S Western Bankruptcy Court Western Division recently denied Rita Werne her claim against Robert G. Sanderson who is currenlty in bankruptcy. Mr. Sanderson case was moved from one bankruptcy court to Hon. William H. Brown's Court who is also handing the Snyder properties case. I wonder why?

The reason the court disallowed Mrs. Werne's claim was due to the fact that she had heard a statement made by another attorney, and she did not file in time, but she was never noticed has a creditor, nor is Mrs. Werne an Attorney.

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